Active Heroes almost stolen valor?

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Do you remember some weeks back when Active Heroes came to the forefront of people’s attention due to their behind the scenes dealings? I do, and I still haven’t forgot what they tried doing to myself, and what they have done to others.

Let me introduce you to Troy Yocum, the lead man of Active Heroes. Troy was confronted by his then marketing director as to a picture Troy had posted to his public Facebook profile. No big deal, right? Well See below the picture he posted.


No big deal, right? Well, his marketing manager was doing his job and trying to create content for their Facebook page when he came across this next picture. See for yourself. Note: name tape on the front of his kit.


So how did Troy mistakenly take a picture of someone else, and then use it as his own profile picture after removing the name tape? That’s a bit odd. Well if you listen below, you can hear the recorded conversation between Troy and his marketing director when he confronted him about it. Keep in mind, his marketing director was a Marine.

After Troy was confronted with this, the marketing director was then fired.

You’ve been presented with the evidence, now you may decide for yourself what is true.

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