A Second Veteran Standing Rock gofundme? What Happened To The First?

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, Standing Rock veterans are asking for MORE money for their continued efforts at standing rock. The once major fiasco that resulting in hundreds of veterans being stranded in a snow covered tundra of freezing temperatures, is now being used to solicit more funds for the continued partnerships with the standing rock community. The page that has created this gofundme is known as Veterans-Stand.

Second screenshot:

It can be viewed here: http://www.gofundme.com/VetStand4-StandingRock

The initial Standing Rock gofundme raised over 1.1 million dollars, yet the money from this account still has not been traced in regards to where it was given.

It can be viewed here: http://www.gofundme.com/veterans-for-standing-rock-nodapl

During the initial protest, dozens upon dozens of gofundme accounts were set up and flooded with funds from around the world in show of support of the people protesting at Standing Rock. I had interviewed Mark Sanderson, a peaceful protesting veteran who was one of the main figures in the ordeal, who had made the trek to Standing Rock in order to help people by providing supplies, and offer his skills acquired from his military service. Mark informed me that long after the Standing Rock event was over, many veterans still were not reimbursed for the personal funds they had spent during their trip, stay, and the leaving of Standing Rock. Micheal Wood, one of the main organizers for the veteran trip to standing rock, was suspected of having taken over $300k in gofundme money meant for veterans to be supplied and reimbursed, and used it for purposes not specified to anyone.

Mark Sanderson said that Michael Wood was talking of setting up a 501C3 charity in California, but also wanted to purchases an actual structure to run it out of, which in itself would cost over 300K. Mark Sanderson wasn’t sure if Michael Wood had moved ahead with this plan, but the issue many have taken with this is that the funds from the gofundme were never meant for anything else other than the Standing Rock resupply.

As for the Veterans-Stand Facebook page, after reviewing it for myself, they seem to be in support of the January Women’s March in Washington D.C. where an estimated 200k marchers attended and the continued support of the Standing Rock protest. From the information the page is providing, they appear to be a left leaning group that is in support of refugees, illegal immigration, and are against President Trump.

I have reached out to both pages: Veterans-Stand, and Michael A Wood JR. I am still awaiting a response from both in regards to information regarding the initial gofundme account where many questions are still yet unanswered. I emailed the Veterans-Standing page and was informed that the email address they provided on their site ([email protected]) wasn’t working, and then attempted to message them on their Facebook page only to receive an automated message that they would return my message when they could get to it.

It is unclear at this time where the initial $1.1 million from the first main gofundme has went, and who is in charge, and what the intentions are of this second gofundme account.

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