Dani Mathers, former Playboy Playmate, found guilty.

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Dani Mathers took social media by storm some time ago. No, not from her going spread eagle and flashing her boobs for a playboy shoot, but for taking the picture, shown below, on her snapchat where it was saved and shared for all the world to see.

Dani grabbed a quick picture of an elderly woman getting changed in the gym locker room while she sat in the sauna. Once shared to her snapchat, it went viral. The internet responded in turn by accusing the playmate of body shaming the elderly woman. Police conducted an investigation and managed to locate the woman from the photograph.

Fast forward to present day, Dani is now serving 30 days of community service with an added 36 months probation. Justice served for a airhead that decided it would be funny to take a candid photo in the privacy of a locker room. Locker rooms are not meant to be viewed as a public place, but one of privacy. Dani also didn’t grasp the concept of the gym being the place where people work to maintain a healthy body, and challenge themselves.

Dani’s types give the fitness world a truly bad name. The elderly woman was in the right spot to be in. She was in the gym pushing to better herself vs at a fast food restaurant slamming big mac’s. Dani’s types do not represent us all, and most certainly do not speak for us. She’s the typical bimbo that thinks it’s funny to make fun of and insult anyone who isn’t like her, or her size.

Many responded to the picture she took by saying they would never go to a gym for that very reason; it’s too intimidating and they’re embarrassed. Look, I’m not the biggest most shredded gym goer there is, but even I can tell you that judgmental people will exist anywhere you go in life, and if you try to avoid them all together, just stay home. Point being you cannot allow the opinions of people that don’t matter distract you from pursing your fitness goals. Ok, so you don’t look like so and so, who cares? The point is that you’re TRYING! Trying is ten times better than doing nothing.

So don’t let the Dani’s of the world get you down. Head up, grab your gym bag, and get your ass back into the arena!


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