Fat Activist Dies At 34 From Heart Attack? True Or Not – Doesn’t Matter

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Many may not have heard about Marge Swanson, a fat acceptance and obesity glorification activist that people are reporting as having died from a heart attack. Ironic, we know.

However, it’s fake news and her real name is Kelli Jean Drinkwater. She’s still alive and the viral articles swirling around the web are wrong.

I have seen some of her youtube videos and public speaking engagements where she spoke of the existence of “thin privilege,” and other so called helpful ideologies that only helped further the belief that being obese is perfectly normal.

Let’s put this into perspective for a moment; Kelli (aka, Marge) may not be dead, but there are many others that are dying daily due to heart disease which is the leading killer of Americans, beating out cancer. Hard to believe? According to the CDC, heart disease claims roughly 614,318 American lives per year. Divided by 365, that’s roughly 1,683 American deaths per day as a result of poor choices in diet, and lack of exercises but also taking into account possible pre existing medical conditions which aided in the deaths of some Americans.

See article here: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/leading-causes-of-death.htm.

Now, why would anyone ever give an ear to the idea that it’s ok to be obese/overweight if it’s the most highest casualty causing issue out there? Feelings, nothing more than those damn pesky feelings that these fat activists keep trying to force feed us (no pun intended). When you look at Marge, you will see a history of obesity, yet from some of the things she’s said, she’s contradicted herself. In 2015 she was diagnosed with heart and gallbladder disease.

“I may have a few bad cells, but my health has not been affected,” When you die at an early age due to your lifestyle choices, then yes, your health had been affected which ultimately lead to an early death. She even went so far as to tell fans on her website: “Thin privilege is a far greater menace to health than having a few extra curves.” No, no it is not. There is no such thing as thin privilege. The term is a cop out in order to somehow create a target for fat acceptance followers and supporters to shift focus on, rather than deal with their own issues. Consider it a red herring of the body love movement.

Now I won’t make jokes at Marge’s expense (even though she’s not dead) because it’s not a laughing matter. Would it be ironic if an obese obesity promoting fat activists dies from the very same thing she claims isn’t detrimental? You’re damn right it is, but what this younger generation needs to understand is that while preaching to society to accept you for who you are comes with no ramifications due to your own personal choices, your body doesn’t work that way. You will pay for what you do to your body, and no amount of feel good rhetoric from an obese woman on a stage pushing for the sparing of feelings vs the understanding of how deadly obesity is will alleviate the time where you will answer for your choices.

If Marge (Kelli) had passed, I truly hope it would have served as an eye opener to young women out there not to follow the nonsense preached by her types. Science is against her. Health and fitness are against her. The only logic she has is what’s based only upon feelings rather than facts. When facts say otherwise, no amount of covering it up with phrases such as “thin privilege” will validate your argument.

Here is her Ted talk where you can judge for yourself:

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