Kathy who?

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So Kathy Giffin, the aging irrelevant comedian, took a photo holding the head of what appears to be the current POTUS, Donald Trump. The head appears to be covered in blood while the dimwitted comedian stands behind, holding the head up looking as if she’d just found out her blind date was with Charlie Sheen.

Now answer me this; why is it ok for liberals to scream for tolerance regarding their personal choices, sex lives, and political opinions, yet show none whatsoever to anyone who opposes their views? We have seen time and time again people such as Sarah Silverman, the elitist Hollywood Jew who hates Christ, post things along the lines of calling for a coup. Over and over these types have screamed for change when the election didn’t go their way, and the terms racist and racist become the leading adjective used in their vocabulary.

Ah, this is the liberals at their best! Since election day, they have cried, bellyached, whined, and have done everything in their power to “resist,” yet good old D-man himself is still your president. You’re now only embarrassing yourselves and making it increasingly easy for the right to continue to put into position more adults being you’ve showcased just how childish you truly are and how unfit you are to run this country.

Now imagine if the right had done something smilier to this with the head of Obama? Racism would be screamed at the tops of millennial snowflake lungs to the point of bursting every eardrum within a five mile radius, but the moment the left comes out calling for violence, it’s perfectly ok and acceptable.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re now seeing what the left is all about. You’re seeing the blindness of the hollywood elitists what are so far out of touch with reality and the struggles of the hard working American man and woman that their ignorance has become increasingly shown time and time again. The REAL resistance should be to speak out against such insanity at the tops of our lungs.


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