Lady Gaga didn’t lean political, but Budweiser sure did.

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The Super Bowl is a world wide focused event. It serves as a platform for entertainment to rocket themselves even higher into fame. Lady Gaga was expected to use her platform to make a political statement regarding our current President Trump, yet much to my surprise, as I’m sure to millions of other Americans, she focused on great entertainment, and in my opinion gained a lot more respect for it. The same could not be said for the sponsors; one main one, Budweiser. See the commercial below.

After having watched the commercial, it can be easily seen that Budweiser took a stab at the current ban on immigration and refugee assistance. This depiction/comparison of an earlier time America is somehow associated with a modern day America is in itself absurd. The very idea that Americans, Trump supporters mainly, are against legal immigration is not at all correct. Trump supporters have vocalized the idea of LEGAL immigration being fine, yet illegal needs to be stopped. I don’t recall the majority of Trump supporters screaming for the deportation of legal citizens, nor a ban on refugees completely. but opt more for a more decisive vetting process in hopes of further protecting Americans here within our own country.

To the left, this is racism! How dare we cast out those who have come to America to seek out the American dream as our ancestors did! Our ancestors did come here and establish businesses, worked the ship yards, and paved the way for the American economy to flourish, but they did it LEGALLY! The continued misunderstanding and misinterpretation of these types of companies and people only provides more proof of just how willfully ignorant and bias they are.

As a result of the commercial, many took to social media to voice their dissatisfaction with Budweiser for their slap at Trump and his voters.

Others were more supportive of Budweiser’s stance on this issue by also posting to social media in support of their views.

As you can see in the examples listed just above, the misunderstanding between the support of LEGAL immigration and ILLEGAL immigration is quite apparent. Overall, many Trump supporters have now called for a boycotting of the brewing company due to their stance.

As for me, Im more of a vodka man myself. As long as Gray Goose doesn’t throw their hat into the political ring and side with the left on these issues, I’m safe.

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