Madonna, Miley, and Feminists, Shut The Fuck Up

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Dear Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and feminists,

You marched in Washington to bring to light the issues now plaguing women which are, well, I’ll get back to you on that one. This was the biggest gathering of people bitching about nothing that I have ever seen. You want to be treated with dignity and respect and not be viewed as sexual objects, yet your spokeswomen go out and make themselves sexual objects.

Madonna offers blowjobs for votes, Miley walks around stage with a strap on, and your protestors walk around with vagina hats on as if it were perfectly alright. To top it all off, one of the organizers of this march, Linda Sarsour, is an advocate for Sharia law. Essentially, she’s an advocate for a religious belief governing all people, to include women, and within that religious belief comes the idea practiced by many that women are subservient to men. So with all of this being said, you claim to want to be treated with dignity and respect, yet act like complete lunatics. I’d also invite readers to view where Madonna’s son beats on a Trump piñata. Such equality! The irony here is rich!

These are the people that this women’s march chose to follow and put into positions of high visibility when in reality, they’re a disgrace to women’s equality and only further perpetuate the stereotype of women being viewed as weak minded creatures only existing for the sexual pleasures of men.

I’m sitting here asking myself where the inequality is regarding women. Where are these pay gaps many feminists continue to scream about? Where is the oppression they claim to be experiencing as they talk on their iPhones, post on social media, and all while walking through the streets of the nation’s capital. This isn’t oppression you’re upset about, it’s the idea of the candidate that you didn’t like being put into office by a country that has become fed up with your bullshit.

Feminism once existed for a true and noble purpose, the bringing about equal right and treatment for women. With that being the case, why weren’t women that were pro-life not invited to your conglomeration of hypocrisy? Is it because they saw things differently and you just couldn’t tolerate the idea that a group of your own kind didn’t think exactly like you?

America has turned a new corner. We’re entering into a revolution of truth where the punches are no longer being pulled, and the hard truths are coming out. Discussions are being engaged in on topics that normally are never discussed due to the tender nature of them.  Labels are now being ignored and proven wrong through facts and statistics. It’s a golden age we are now living in, and although some may view it as scary, it’s time to stand up and speak out against those abusing the causes that once held true meaning within this country.


  1. Please tell them to shut the fuck up, they do not speak for us women. They want to know what oppressed is then go into a third world country.

  2. I’ve been trying to say this to my liberal friends for days. It has resulted in me being attacked as racist and sexist. You said it better then I could have I will be sharing this . Thanks

  3. Bravo, John!! Thank you. As a woman I was extremely irritated that they keep saying they marched for me. Oh no they didn’t. I was disgusted at the whole thing. I do not have to go around naked or skimpily clad to get respect. Actually I feel I get MORE respect when well dressed, well behaved and not throwing it out that I am better than anyone else If you want respect give respect.

    I have boycotted television and music for years. I do listen to real country music and watch some good movies with little to no cussing, sex or violence. I will continue to do so.

    Btw, I like being told I look nice, doors help open, and having a man do the hard work so I don’t have to, even tho I can. I like being different than men. I am a woman and I am not above men.

    One other side note. We had 2 main people who ran for president. I wonder if we would have had different choices had someone chosen to let someone adopt their baby over aborting it.

  4. You completely missed the point of the march lol. Continue to pander to your base and sell your T-shirts bro.

    1. Author

      Notice you didn’t give a point to the march either. Continue to bitch about nothing and by the way, by a shirt. Sales are way up!

  5. Thank for saying this I don’t really know how to get this point across to my friends that are very heavily left leaning. Maybe your post and podcast can help in this regards.

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