Positive Video Of The Day: Baby Sees Military Father For The First Time With Glasses

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A video captured the moment a 9 month-old child saw his military father for the first time with the help of a pair of glasses.

Captain Brandon Caldwell serves in the U.S. Air Force and had just returned from a two month deployment in Antarctica to see his son, who had never seen his father.

9-month-old Reagan had never seen his father because at three weeks old, he contracted Group B Strep, which led to bacterial meningitis, sepsis, and eventually brain damage.

Reagan’s mom, Amanda Caldwell, told Inside Edition that her husband was scared that Reagan would not recognize him.

“My husband was so nervous that Reagan would not remember him. He went right to him. He didn’t skip him a beat. He was just in awe of seeing daddy again,” Caldwell said. “It was the sweetest thing ever. To see him lay his head on him and hug him. And show him that he loves him too was amazing.”

Check out the video:

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