Spirit cooking. Not your average way to cook.

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After the Super Bowl, and the amazing performance done by Lady GaGa, I received a message with the attached images and the words #spiritcooking. Not even paying attention to the words, the images alone caused me to do a double take. These aren’t the normal images you see when you read the word cooking. Yes, that is Lady Gaga in the images as well.

Spirit cooking is said to be a ritual in which people come together and eat in celebration with the intent of being successful, but just what do they eat? Well, for the sake of people accusing me of being bias on this matter, I’ll let you do the research for yourself. Be advised, it’s a bit gruesome and disturbing.

The woman in the photo with Lady Gaga is Marina Abramovic; an artist, of sorts. After digging around and seeing some of her work, it can be clearly seen that she is one of those far out there type of artists that leaves the spectator scratching their head at what they just saw. Now, I am by no means an art critic, but there are just some things that leave me walking away asking myself what the hell was it that I just witnessed. Her work does exactly that.

The spirit cooking idea has also given way to the #pizzagate, the unbelievable child sex trafficcing accusation that currently has yet to be solved. The start of this entire great big ball of insanity was from a deleted email from Hillary Clinton’s server. It was to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, and his brother Tony, an influential Democratic lobbyist. One of the emails read:

This lead to more research being done in regards to this email. The theory is that child sex trafficking is being done throughout the celebrity/political community, yet no tangible evidence has been brought forward on these claims. Many are claiming this is a right wing smear ploy to discredit Hillary and her group, while others are saying satanic worshiping is going on behind the scenes. As for me, I just want to know what those people in the bed covered in that crap are being paid?

You do the research, and you decide.

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