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For the past two days now, the Trump transgender ban has had the entire world in an uproar. Many disagree and many agree with his decision, but one thing still remains the same; the left’s all out verbal assault against anyone who disagrees with them.

Since the election of POTUS Trump, the terms: racist, fascist, nazi, and bigot have been the go-to of many SJW’s that disagree with a conservative opinion on a popular topic ranging from LGBT rights, transgender rights, and even the travel ban.

When my support of Trump’s transgender video went viral, one quick skim through the comments only supports the fallacy that many leftists believe in regards to differences of opinions.

The left fails to realize that anytime they utilize this tactic when responding to a conservative’s views, they automatically do an injustice to their cause. The term bigot is defined as: “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” The keyword being intolerant. The word intolerant is defined as: “not tolerant of views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own.”

Sadly, the SJW’s of the left have twisted “disagreement” and turned it into intolerance, but what of the SJW’s intolerance towards a disagreement of their views and ideologies from the right? Suddenly it’s intolerance and bigotry. They will not allow someone to disagree with them and see it to be a simple disagreement of views. No, it MUST be intolerance. They MUST be right and how dare anyone disagree with their holy views!

Intolerance would be someone not even wishing to hear your viewpoints, and simply shutting you down before you can even open your mouth. The left has made it a point to broadcast their views from the rooftops so that the entire world knows that they are GMO free, gluten free, vegan loving Hillary supporters that don’t shave their armpits, wish to be referred to as “ze” and so on and so on.

Dear leftists, we have heard your opinions, and while many we can understand and possibly agree with, many we cannot. That does not qualify someone as a bigot. You need to learn what the meaning of the word is before you go slinging it around as if it were your silver bullet against the big mean hairy conservative werewolf!

Lets now look at the word “Nazi.” The word Nazi is defined as: “a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” Well for starters, we’re not in Germany. Secondly, socialism has been seen very prevalent in the Obama administration, Bernie Sanders run for POTUS, and Hillary’s support of socialized medicine. One look at the current condition of the VA and we can clearly see that socialized medicine doesn’t work do to the union at work destroying it from within through protection of worthless federal employees. So no, conservatives are not Nazis; in fact, the left’s support of the socialized programs puts you a tad bit closer to that definition than the right. Try again.

So as we can clearly see, the SJW’s army of the left doesn’t understand the meanings of words, so when they sling these words at you for voicing a counter opinion to theirs, simply tell them to refer to the actual definition of the word and have a better grasp of the english language before they try and fling an insult.

As of now, I am sipping from my cup of coffee, and dropping my proverbial microphone.

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