Why are they photoshopping “plus” sized models?

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With the emergence of the fat acceptance movement which claims to promote body positivity, we have seen many women come forward claiming to be proud of their bodies. They wear less clothing in order to show off their “plus” size in order to attempt to help women feel more empowered and embrace their “curves,” yet why aren’t these same women also preaching the message of taking care of their bodies in order to remain healthy and have a much better quality of life? Also, why are these same models being photoshopped?

The page “Plus sized modeling,” let me just pause to laugh at the term plus sized because we all know that this term was created in order to spare feelings rather than say the word fat, promotes body positivity along with fashion tips for fat women. No, I won’t say plus sized because they’re not plus sized, they’re fat. Some of these models are even obese. If you visit the page and scroll through the pictures, you’ll see a common reoccurrence with the majority of the pictures of these fat women, they’re photoshopped. That’s right, they’ve photoshopped out the cellulite in the majority of these women’s pictures.

Well isn’t the a bit hypocritical for a movement of body love activists to do? Promote fat acceptance and obesity love, yet remove that pesky cellulite from pictures in order to appear more….beautiful? WHAT!?!? Do you mean to tell me that women like Tess Holliday photoshop their pictures to appear more beautiful, yet go on hashtag campaigns such as #fuckyourbeautystandards so as to discredit our societies standard of what the the ‘norm’ is for what’s considered beauty? Well that’s just a bit hypocritical.

This page even goes so far as to tell men that if they don’t love a woman who is fat, they’re not really a man.

Well then I guess I must not be a real man then because I do not find that attractive whatsoever. Does this make me a bad person? Well, according to the feminist fat activists it does. I should love a woman no matter what she looks like, which when you think about it, make absolutely no sense being it removes the human aspect of being drawn to specific things about a woman that appeals to my sexual desires.

All these body love types want is to be praised and loved for being fat, yet if you come along and say that they’re spreading a message of unhealthy is cool, then you’re just a horrible human being and are lower than pond scum. On the contrary; I think any woman who promotes disgusting eating habits, having no care for her body, and demanding that the rest of the world conform to HER beauty standards is the exact thing she claims she’s fighting against.

Of course science has no place at the dinner table for these types. They refuse to see that they’re killing themselves, and for anyone to stand up and say that qualifies them as a fat shamer; yet another term made up by the femnazis out there to somehow categorize anyone who disagrees with them into a negative light. Not working anymore ladies. Your movement is comping to an end because people are no longer afraid to stand up and call you out for what you are; hypocrites that are fat. Yes, I said it and I don’t give a damn if that hurts their feelings. They’re fat and liars that are the blind leading the blind to the buffet table.

Rather than take it upon themselves to work on being more healthy, they’d rather throw temper tantrums and blame men for why they’re not accepted or considered attractive. Odd how I have seen other women promote body love for actual issues such as burn victims, stretch marks, and various other uncontrollable body issues that society should be more accepting of; however, being fat is not on that list.

Let me add in the always needed caveat that there are those out there that are dealing with medical issues resulting in weight gain. This message isn’t for you, but at the same time my message is to not stop fighting for your life, and don’t listen to these bullshit spewing sirens of pies and cakes that want you to join their team where secretly, everyone is miserable and inwardly angry at themselves, so they turn that anger outwards on the world. Don’t become one of them. Your life depends on it.

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