The Shade

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Horror, Sadness | 7 comments

It is now, in the midsts of the night, when the moon crests the zenith and basks my mind in its silver glow, that I feel the darkness that exists in the corners of my mind. It slowly slides the coffin lid to the side and rises like a creature in need of fear knowing when it’s time to feed. I know it rises, for I have summoned it against my will; my mind has. Oh how I loathe and tremble when I feel it rising up from its slumber. It waits there, silently, for me to call upon it in my darkest hour. Frailty is my name and it beckons me to answer to it when it extends forward it’s icy fingers to summon me. My mind, weak as it may be, cannot resist. It goes to it and begins to wander in the darkness of my cold room, and all at once am I captured in the sense of dread that moments before had me feel as if the world was mine. Like a drinker of souls, the darkness and loneliness feed upon my soul like two sinister sisters of death, and sucks from within it its life force. I’m left, there in my bed, a bewildered babe weeping in the moonlight, afraid of my own mind. 

I am loneliness now; a dark shade of a creature my mind created and loosed upon myself, and in time, I will kill me.


  1. Butterfly

    I know this…. intimately.

  2. Logan Thomas

    John Burk the wordsmith. Seems like a story my old English teacher would have us read and interpret. The way you’re able to help the reader feel and see through these descriptive words is impressive and a true skill.

  3. Nick Duffy

    Very Deep…. mind if I share one I wrote… my epitaph
    Lonely warroir scared and alone
    No one built your prison of stone
    Scared Soldier running from fire,
    Betrayed by your heart, ruled by desire.
    Steely fighter leap for the sun
    Your souls in tatters, your will undone.
    Lonely Warrior scares and alone, no one built your tomb of stone.

    Wrote this during a very dark time in my life…. just remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if we don’t see it at first..

  4. Jazmine greene

    That is really good.

  5. Danny

    This was amazing man. You managed to put into words how so many of us feel and what we battle with.

  6. Tyler Moreland

    This personally captures the essence of dread and the frailty of the mind perfectly. Beautifully explained John!

    Everyone have a blessed day!

  7. Suzi

    Brought tears to my eyes.. I have seen this creature.. thought it was only visiting me.. makes me sad that it visits you but gives me hope you have called it out into the light!! And as we know, when darkness is shown in light, it can not survive!

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